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    How To Find a Great Realtor

    Have you ever bought or sold a home? If so, you undoubtedly learned a lot during the process. Now imagine doing that 20, 30, 40 even 50 times a year! If that was the case you would have a lot of knowledge, perhaps even be an ‘expert’ in the industry! Well, that is exactly what we as Realtors do – help hundreds of Buyers and Sellers and share our knowledge, experience and expertise.


    A great Realtor will be a great knowledge resource. We have access to many tools to collect and keep up with market data, current trends and industry information. We know how to negotiate the details of your transaction. We are professionals in the real estate industry and understand the transaction processes, contract preparation and presentation. Cash for houses North Richland Hills Tx. We have education, years of experience and hundreds if not thousands of transactions under our belt!


    When you have a contractual relationship with a Realtor, it means that they MUST put your interests above their own. We will help you simplify the process and not bore you or exhaust you with the details – the research, communication coordination, the planning, and all of the tasks behind the scenes. Indeed, a good Realtor will be a buffer for you from all of the internal ‘drama’ that goes on with negotiations, mortgage and title issues, the principals of the transactions, inspection and appraisal issues, financing ‘hiccups’ and most recently, TRID issues.


    A good Realtor will put themselves ‘in your shoes’. They will listen to you and gather information regarding your wants and needs in a home, timing of your purchase, as well as your current financial, employment and familial situations. Realizing that every client is different and understanding each one’s needs and situation is an art form. Meeting those needs and exceeding expectations is what makes a Realtor ‘great’! My motto has always been ‘underpromise and overdeliver’!


    It is a Realtor’s job to protect their clients interest. It is easy for Buyer’s to get distracted from their original goals and exceed their original budgets when they get caught up in the frenzy of the market. A great Realtor will keep you grounded and remind you of your goals even when you are being pulled in other directions. A Realtor will protect your privacy and your information and only dislose to 3rd parties information that you authorize. You will also be protected from conflict, with your Realtor Agent functioning as your buffer when conflicts and emotions run high. Taking the ’emotion out’ of the transaction is our job.


    Your Realtor will use their training and years of experience to negotiate and gain the best outcome for you. Keeping you grounded and in a good negotiation position, while balancing everyone’s emotions is an ‘art’ and they will become your spokesperson, all the while putting you in a position to ‘win’. Getting that offer accepted and to the closing table doesn’t happen by chance. Hiring an experienced, savvy and ethical Realtor will save you thousands of dollars, more than a few grey hairs and many sleepless nights!

    Real estate is not a profession for the weak of heart. It requires long hours, time spent away from family on evenings and weekends, social sacrifice, constant learning and continuing education, serious dedication, nerves of steel and a ethical, pure heart. We are entreupenuers. But most of all we are people too, just like you. We experience the same thrills you do when we help you find the perfect home and you sign the final signature on the closing documents, when we deliver the keys and when we are invited into your home after the closing to see how you have made a ‘house your home’. We also despair right along with you when you lose out in that multiple offer situation, when inspections don’t go well or there are financing hiccups. We spend a lot of time worrying about whether we are meeting your expectations, our clients needs and our level of service. A great Realtor brings value to the transaction and will be the greatest resource you have to achieving your real estate goals. Put us to work for you – we are ready!